Overwatch brings Moira to the test server


Fans of certain Blizzard games are going to be waiting a while – possibly even a year – to start playing the cool stuff revealed at BlizzCon. Others will have less time to wait. Overwatch fans, for example, can jump on the game’s test server right now to take Moira’s chemical onslaught for a spin, mixing up both damage and healing in a different fashion. If you’ve been waiting for the chance to assemble your perfectly balanced Talon team, now you can do that.

Of course, there are other elements being tested with this patch, including several balance tweaks for Ana and Mercy and general bug fixes. But Moira’s the big centerpiece right here. If you missed seeing her reveal trailer, we’ve embedded that past the break; otherwise, go ahead and get the test server installed to see what she’s capable of.


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Had a dabble with her, she feels thoroughly mediocre.
Her healing is ok, her damage is ok, her mobility is ok, her ult is ok.
She’s all just ok, nothing really stands out thou.


I’ve heard the main concern is the recharge rate of her energy bar. It requires her to be constantly doing damage in order to be able to heal. Which isn’t inherently bad, but just a tad underwhelming at the moment.


Yeah I noticed the recharge via draining to be painfully slow.
Does not at all feel rewarding to do.