Path of Exile teases what’s coming in its November 16 reveal

Weill, that's... more of a pier, really.
The next expansion for Path of Exile will be revealed on November 16th. We don’t know what it is yet. We don’t even know what it will involve… beyond a very specific set of teases posted about what we know is in the expansion. For all we know, it could be about chatting with people over tea and crumpets. That’d be playing against type, but there’s a first time for everything.

The five reveals are fairly straightforward: there will be the game’s first-ever socketable belt, a new boss in Act Nine, a new stash tab type, a league with green and black as its colors, four new skill gems, and six new support gems. That could be considered six things, but it’s listed as five. Does that mean you’ve already figured out what the next expansion will be? If so… well, you are very clever. We’ve got no idea. Or at least we can’t talk about it yet. Something involving belts, at least, that seems likely.


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