Nostalrius admins take victory lap over World of Warcraft Classic


The driving forces behind Nostalrius, the famous World of Warcraft emulator that caused so much hubbub in 2016, are taking a victory lap this week after hearing the news about the existence of World of Warcraft Classic. Heck, if you read their letter a certain way, they are claiming a good share of the credit for Blizzard’s decision to open a legacy server.

“We are so excited, and want to THANK YOU once again for being part of this incredible journey: we wrote history together!” the admins exclaimed. “They will provide a stable realm, run by the most passionate people, and help unify the World Of Warcraft community.”

Admins Daemon and Viper said that they will “continue to make ourselves available” to Blizzard if needed in order to make WoW Classic happen. The pair said that Nostalrius’ chief goal is “completely achieved” with this announcement. The team hopes that no new Nostalrius-branded servers will be created because of this.

The Nostalrius team famously made a trek out to Blizzard’s headquarters in June 2016 to share the structure behind its legacy server and to answer questions by the WoW team.

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