Crowfall posts another teaser for the reveal of teasers

What could Crowfall’s teasers for Teaser Week mean? Are they teasing new classes? New races? New combinations of same? Today’s teaser is just a group of images consisting of a short, hairy man, some weapons, and some landscapes. That could be a teaser for an upcoming camping trip with your uncle Todd, but probably not. (You may not even have an uncle Todd. We don’t know your family very well.)

Of course, speculation is running rampant, so you can feel free to engage in your own speculation down below. You might also want to take yesterday’s teaser into account. And hey, if you’d like to also bring in stuff like the Lead Masks incident and the UVB-76 broadcast, who are we to judge?

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3 Comments on "Crowfall posts another teaser for the reveal of teasers"

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teasers for Teaser Week

Are we really falling for this? o.O

Ben Rubinstein

UGH CROWFALL STAHP. I’m avidly following you and think there’s potential that you’ll be a great game. But you’re making it REALLY hard to root for you with this nonsense.

Jeremy Barnes

I think it was Rift where I subscribed to a rule that if the developers feel the need to constantly talk about how great their game will be without showing much…that it is certain not be that great.