TERA pushes Velik’s Fate live, highlights the challenges of Demokron Factory

Velik’s Fate is live in TERA today, with tier 12 gear and the opening of four rebalanced dungeons (and the closing of a whole bunch more).

“The update is named after a pair of new dungeons featuring an attack on the goddess Velik in her own home. In Velik’s Hold, the players learn of the threat to Velik, and in Velik’s Sanctuary, the players do battle with that threat…with not only Velik’s fate—but the fate of the entire world—at stake.”

It might be hard to believe TERA has been around for five years now, but it’s the truth. As part of the game’s anniversary celebration, it’s showing off all of the dungeons in the game, and that means that the developers want you to descend into the most monster-infested pits of the land for appropriate challenge. First on the list: Demokron Factory, offering improved rewards for players until May 15th.

Starting after today’s maintenance, you can pick up an Anniversary Token for completing the dungeon. You also have a shot at randomly getting an Aerial Assault box, a Dress for Success box, 10 Coluva Ingots, or 100 pieces of tier 10 feedstock as a bonus reward for clearing the dungeon. That should be plenty of motivation to buck up, get in there, and start clearing out the dungeon as if it were giving you bonus rewards… which it is.

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