Skyforge ‘won’t tolerate the word P2W’ [Updated]


Skyforge apparently doesn’t take too kindly to accusations of pay-to-win.

In response to a North American Skyforge player’s admittedly originally badly worded question about the differences between the Russian and North American cash shops, Allods Team Community Manager Maeron told players that the team “won’t tolerate the word P2W” or any other “oversimplification” of the game’s monetization. “Please note that repeated failure to comply shall result in the removal of your forum rights and beta access,” Maeron wrote before locking the thread.

It’s worth noting that while Skyforge did give out beta keys through outlets such as Massively Overpowered, it also sold beta access via founders packs. The game’s second round of beta began earlier this week.

We’ve reproduced the explanation in its entirety below.

Monetization in free to play is often a source of endless debate involving different parties, ranging from the “core freeplayers” to the “compulsive buyers”.

One of the challenges of developing a “free to play” is addressing the demands of each party. Once you’ve formalized and implemented a plan, however, you’re still not done.

You often have to communicate with your members and explain the underlying mechanisms of your design – and doing so usually dissipates most concerns and leads to better feedback from players. Over time, both the developers and players grow a better understanding of sustainable commercial practices.

However, these days it’s no longer possible since too many people are prone to pasting the term P2W onto pretty much every situation. This behavior is extremely harmful, in the sense that it damages the image of a game before it has even had a chance to reach to its community. One must trust the developers’ vision.

It also weakens the dialog between the community and the developers of the game they play.

For these reasons, we will strive to provide answers to our members in need of details regarding our monetization – but in turn, we won’t tolerate the word P2W as of today, nor tolerate oversimplification of monetization in topics.

Members participating in the forum this early in the game project ought to allow its community to grow with a sense of responsibility and communication practices that don’t undermine their relationship with the skyforge team.

We’ll still ask you to respect our rules out of respect for the community that will establish here and align with the developers’ views. Once OBT opens in our territories, everyone will have a chance to check the monetization aspects of Skyforge for themselves.

Please note that repeated failure to comply shall result in the removal of your forum rights and beta access.

We’ll have a first round of impressions on the game out later today, so stay tuned.

[Source: Official forums. Thanks, Mark!] [Update: Skyforge PR has let us know that the original statement on the forums has been retracted (it’s currently been struck-through and is still readable, however). Community Manager Maeron has appended a new note that reads, “In no way did we intend to censor anyone. We respect all opinions and are open to all feedback from our community. Closing this topic and our post above (now strikethrough) was a mistake and we apologize. At the same time we want you to note that we would like to address any question you have and would love to know your personal impressions of the game after you have played it. We appreciate your feedback, please keep it coming! Thank you.” A second note reads, “Answers will be coming as we agreed already. I’m really sorry I caused all that stir… My intent was mostly to urge players not to use harsh wording so no fences will raise and harm our exchanges… But I must have been carried away… I apologize.” Multiple threads relating to the issue have also been restored and unlocked.]
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