EverQuest II is testing class balance updates

Can't we go back to mushroom people? That'd be keen.

EverQuest II‘s latest producer’s letter is a bit lower key than previous entries, perhaps, but no less vital for it. The letter outlines new class balance changes that are being tested for Fighters, Summoners, and Scouts. High-priority issues have been lingering for all three classes for some time, so all three are due for revamps that will make them┬ámore useful and fun to play.

Scouts and Fighters should both see DPS increases, while defensive armor for Fighters is being refined so that using the class abilities and cooldowns feels more meaningful. Summoners, meanwhile, are going to benefit from a revamped pet AI and several long-requested UI features to make tracking pets that much easier. While players aren’t invited into the testing yet, these changes should be coming as part of a larger update which will be detailed soon; EQII fans should keep their eyes peeled.

[Source: Producer’s letter]
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