El Somni Quas draws upon classic Ultima Online for an old-school MMO experience


It’s interesting to see how players who have grown up under the influence of certain MMOs are now making their own games drawing from those experiences. For example, take a look at El Somni Quas, a new indie sandbox that is being created as an homage to Ultima Online.

El Somni Quas is being developed by a team of six Czech Republic players working in their free time to create a hardcore MMO that harkens back to the ruleset of a player-run Ultima Online shard. The title boasts free-for-all PvP with full corpse looting, meaningful achievements, maze-like dungeons, and “no disco-like lightning effects.” It’s using the Unigine and may be going into alpha testing in a year or so.

The El Somni Quas team is not shy about its ambitions, either: “The game is not for players used to [playing] mainstream online games. We are reviving the old-school gameplay system.”

[Source: El Somni Quas, Facebook, Keen Gamer]
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