Wizard101 patches in jewel socketing

I don't know either, guy, just go with it.
Bad news, Wizard101 players. It looks as if your gear has insufficient swag. It looks downright pedestrian. A homeless wizard could be wearing your amulet. But don’t worry; the most recent patch adds in the ability to socket gems into your rings, amulets, decks, and athames, thus ensuring that you will look appropriately fly no matter the situation.

Also it’ll improve your abilities and stuff like that, which is nice, but the most important thing is that you will look stylish. Right? Right.

The game’s most recent patch contains more than just the option to properly bedazzle your gear, though, with the inclusion of new one-shot gauntlets and the ability to go fishing in lava. There are also updates to spell mechanics and gardening for players. Check out the full patch notes on the official site and get ready for some new adventures in proper fashion.

[Source: Official patch notes]
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