Master x Master adds WildStar’s Mondo Zax to its final beta test

It looks like every other MOBA trailer ever, whee.

Fans of WildStar who also have access to Korean beta tests will probably be quite happy to hear that Mondo Zax, Chua inventor extraordinaire, has been added to the lineup of NCsoft‘s metafictional mashup MOBA Master x Master. Those of you without access to Korean beta tests will probably have less excitement, but the game is entering its final testing phase starting on May 1st.

There’s a trailer down below if you’d like to watch it, although it’s only fair to warn you that it looks like the trailer to pretty much every other MOBA. The beta is open to would-be players who have a Korean NCsoft account and contains both PvE and PvP content; there’s no word yet on an American release for the game.

[Source: Steparu]
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