Pantheon boasts Unity 5 visuals, prepares internal alpha test


Could it be that Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is starting to look… really pretty? A new in-game screenshot of Avendyr’s Pass shows how far Pantheon’s visuals have progressed, thanks to the upgrade to the Unity 5 engine and the addition of Art Director J.P. Targete to the team.

In addition to discussing the game engine upgrade, Pantheon’s May dev update talks about preparations for the game’s first alpha test. The team is making “great progress” toward Alpha 1, which will contain a level 1 through 10 experience with five classes.

If you were hoping to be in on this test, the team has some bad news for you: “Alpha 1 is not a public build of the game — it will be internal only. The goal of Alpha 1 is to create a robust testing ground where all of our foundational systems and mechanics are present and testable in the context of actual gameplay. […] Alpha 1 is the proving ground and primer for Alpha 2, when we will most likely open the doors to the first round of players to experience the game.”

[Source: May 2015 Update. Thanks to Kinya and Reht.]
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