ARK: Survival Evolved strands you on an island of dinosaurs


Do you have a weirdly shaped hole in your life that can be filled only by killing and riding dinosaurs (not necessarily in that order)? Have you wanted to live out fantasies of taking up residence in Jurassic Park? Then get thee hence to ARK: Survival Evolved because this might be the game that The Stomping Land had promised to be — and then some.

ARK strands you on a massive island that’s a throwback to a land before time. While players will have to do the typical survival game activites (forage, craft, build), they’ll also have to contend with the dozens of types of dinosaurs that happen to be roaming around. Dinos in ARK can be tamed, killed, and used as mounts, depending on the need.

ARK will be launching its early access program next month while aiming for a June 2016 release. Its dinosaur survival theme is similar to The Stomping Land, which was abandoned by its developer earlier this year. Check out the following announcement trailer for ARK and see if these jaw-dropping graphics can convince you to get on board with this project.

[Source: Steam. Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]
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