WildStar subreddit mod bans F2P and B2P discussions


Hope you didn’t have plans to talk about WildStar’s possible conversion to a new business model on Reddit because one of the game’s subreddit mods has put the ban on such discussion due to “self-entitled” and “trolling” posts.

“Due to the excessive negativity associated with these posts, and the fact that these are unfounded and unconfirmed in anyway, I will be removing these posts and will consider them as trolling/flamebaiting material,” mod Fran wrote. “I am personally irritated and tired with the negativity and hostility towards WildStar that is spurred on by these kinds of posts. ”

A move to a new business model may be imminent considering that WildStar boxes have been pulled from store shelves and a promotion is running to sell off the physical product. And just for the record, you can talk about WildStar’s business model all the live-long day in Massively OP’s comments section.

Source: Reddit #1, #2

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