Eternal Crusade reduces scope, promises earlier delivery


Are you willing to take a swirl of good news and bad news with your alpha? Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade fans have no choice, as Creative Director David Ghozland confirmed that the title has reduced its scope — but that founders will be getting in sooner as a result.

Ghozland sums up the major development points as follows: “Nothing has been cut; it has been pushed at worst or adapted to our current constraints. Because of the choices we’ve made, founders will have access to the game sooner than expected. We will release features progressively and regularly starting from founders access until we deliver the entire promise and beyond.”

The tech for true open-world conflict won’t be in the game for launch, Ghozland said, but the team is working on splitting up the initial continent into around 120 locations for match-based warfare between dozens of players. Ultimately the goal is to expand from under 100 players per map to over 500.

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