Warframe’s Echoes of the Sentient update is live today

Warframe players take the role of heavily armed space ninjas just by logging in. As such, it makes sense that the game would have an update touching upon movement systems – you can’t be a space ninja without some space-ninja wall-jumping and the like. The game’s latest patch overhauls the entire parkour system extensively, allowing for more fluid and involved movement that makes your robot space ninja even more responsive and ninja-like.

That’s not the only addition in the patch, though, as the update also includes a new warframe, new weapons, new Conclave additions and new customization items for players. You don’t have to simply take our word for all of it, though, as there’s a preview video just below. The update was delayed until today, but hopefully the sheer volume of content will make the delay worthwhile after all.

Source: Reddit, Twitter, YouTube via PC Gamer; thanks to Jacob for the tip!
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