Penguins and angler fish board ARK as tribal warfare begins


ARK: Survival Evolved has gone to the birds — and the fish — in the latest update. On top of a feathers and fur graphical update, yesterday’s addition of update 223 introduced the adorable Kairuku Waitaki, better recognized as a penguin, and the deep-sea Melanocetus, or anglerfish. Both new creatures are useful in the quest for survival.

Although the penguins aren’t really any good in a fight, players may want to collect a rookery of them as they exude body heat that can keep you warm while adventuring on the tundra. On a more morbid note, these docile creatures also have blubber that works as polymer, with the highest concentration found in the babies. The distinctive light found on the anglerfish makes it the perfect companion for underwater exploring, whereas harvesting this fish nets materials used for making a long-lasting fuel and organic lights for your house. Get a glimpse of them both in the video below.

In addition to new creatures, this update introduces the new Tribal Warfare Alliance system. Tribes can now declare war against each other for a specific time frame that all parties agree upon, encouraging large-scale PvP instead of offline raiding.

Source: Studio Wildcard press release
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