EVE Online discusses installing and testing new server hardware

Gotta go... well, mostly just away.

Server technology is definitely some sort of black alchemy. The new EVE Online server technology is being installed and tested at the CCP Games home office, and you can tell that all of the arcane patterns woven into server structures are just creatively cropped out of the pictures. You just know it. Still, it’s good news for players, not just because they get to play around on better hardware but because they’ll get to have a pretty great test event with full skill points.

Starting on December 4th, the new server technology will be up and running for players to test, albeit with a slightly higher ping than some players may be accustomed to. All characters on these test servers will have full skill points as well, as the developers would love to really test those servers with a gigantic space battle. Really, every piece of technology should be tested via space battles.

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