Guild Wars 2 tweaks matchmaking, mechanics in new PvP League season


ArenaNet has announced its plans to change up PvP mechanics as Guild Wars 2 enters the second season of its PvP League system.

Matchmaking is due for the biggest change: “Matchmaking for Ranked matches will use your placement in your current league division as your primary matchmaking consideration and pair you against players who are placed in the same point range as you, regardless of the skill level (MMR) of the other people in that point range,” thereby making PvP leagues more reflective of skill, says ANet.

The studio also plans to introduce “win streak” mechanics to help elite players move more quickly through lower tiers. Matches will be capped off with an informational panel displaying a complete breakdown of win probabilities and algorithms, and league standing will no longer deter PvP teaming with friends.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Kalamari.
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