Skyforge’s next major update makes sweeping changes to the Resistance system

I know.

Knowledge may or may not be power in the real world, but it’s certainly a powerful part of Skyforge in the next major update. The game is overhauling its Resistance system with the addition of Knowledge, allowing player to use the remnants of Invasions as a chance to learn more about the enemies facing the players. It’s a bit convoluted at a glance, but it ultimately means that it’s easier for newer players to catch up and get involved with more content.

Players will now have a new Laboratory interface to make use of Invasion spoils as part of research; successful research takes 24 hours, offers various rewards along the way, and ultimately enables players to unlock more dangerous Invasions. This is also tied into the Invasion Atlas system, so players can unlock more potent bonuses against specific enemy groups and become that much more capable when fighting back. This means that knowledge in Skyforge will soon translate very directly to power.

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