Indie sandbox Sacrament heads to Kickstarter next week


Indie jack-of-all-trades sandbox Sacrament is planning a Kickstarter for March 16th, according to its recent podcast.

Ferocity Unbound Core Studios developers Steeldeal, Layenem, and Kraive discuss the rewards they are planning for the game. You’ll be able to pick up a copy of Sacrament as part of the $30 tier; tiers run all the way up to $10,000, which includes a launch party and lore-writing credit. “On Kickstarter, we can’t go over $10,000,” says Steeldeal. “If you’re a publisher looking to own all the rights to the game, sorry, but this game ain’t for you.”

The studio released its first in-game footage last month. The game plans raiding, multiple forms of PvP, solo content, and a level-less character design.

Source: YouTube
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