Black Desert is working on ghillie suit countermeasures

I expected blacker.

Community Q&A sessions are pretty popular these days, but usually they involve developers selecting questions and parceling the answers out accordingly. This Black Desert interview turns that format on its ear. The questions still come from the community, but fan Pvt Wiggles consolidated the questions and then posed them to Rick Van Beem (head of marketing) and CM_Jouska (community manager) directly.

The video is archived from a livestream and runs for about an hour, so if you were hoping for a quick handful of answers with no audio issues whatsoever, we’re sorry to disappoint. The interview does cover a lot of ground just the same, and while there’s no ETA for several features players are waiting for (post-launch classes available in Korea, guild vs. guild, bounty hunting), the interview makes it clear that issues affecting players are being addressed and looked into. That includes the ghillie suit, which is being examined closely and will have its countermeasure from the Korean client brought over as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, designing and implementing content just for the regional client is not possible, but the team is looking into more ways to actively communicate with players. You can watch the full thing just below.

Source: YouTube, Reddit summary; thanks to Kurt and DeadlyAccurate for the tip!
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