The Division nerfs crafting and boosts looting


People, you’re not playing The Division right — and Ubisoft is most displeased. Apparently too many players are pursuing crafting for their endgame gear needs instead of prostrating themselves at the RNG altar, resulting in a lopsided spread of gear acquisition.

Because of this, the “end-game loop” for The Division is changing up with its 1.1 patch, with crafting getting a hefty nerf and loot drops being buffed to the sky. The long and the short of it is that while crafting will remain a “viable alternative” to looting, it will take more mats to make comparable endgame gear. The devs are making killing named characters much more lucrative instead, as each will drop a guaranteed high-end item.

“New drop tables have been designed to grant you just enough control to focus your efforts on specific NPCs, depending on your need,” Ubisoft explained. “Each named NPC will now have more chances to grant a specific type of high-end item. By discovering the specificities of each named NPC, you will quickly learn which ones you should focus on in order to obtain specific items.”

Source: The Division. Thanks to DK for the tip!
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