Elite’s latest patch fixes many Xbox issues, introduces Arena

Space! It exists, and stuff.

While both the PC and Xbox One versions of Elite: Dangerous are getting a patch today, the one on the console is much meatier. The Xbox-specific server updates bring the game more in-line to where the PC version is, and fixes a multitude of bugs and crash issues. It also introduces the Arena stand-alone product and a season one bundle to the store that includes both Elite and Arena. Note: Those who already own Elite do not need to purchase either of these items as that content is fully accessible to existing players already.

Both versions are getting a server change to allow scenario spawning to fall back to stations as center-bodies when the system has a population with no planets; these systems can have conflict zones and players can influence that war. For a full rundown of all the changes, check out the official patch notes.

Source: Elite patch notes

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Rebel Engie
Rebel Engie

I play this in solo mode.


Nothing really amazing for PC players….bummer. 

Just got to wait a little longer.