PlanetSide 2 guides players through the new construction mechanics

Build down.

The good news for PlanetSide 2 fans is that the game now allows players to construct things as they wish, thus freeing you from the frustrations of thinking that a nice rug would really tie the base together while not being able to place said rug. But… how does the system of building a base actually work? Where do you even start? What are you supposed to do? Worry not, players; a new guide on the official site will gently walk you through the process of making whatever is in your wildest dreams, assuming your wildest dreams all involve military bases.

Players will begin constructing bases with the help of the Advanced Nanite Transport (ANT for short) which can carry four players to mine a special mineral. That mineral is used to place silos, then several other important structures running off of the power generated by silos. Players can also place fortifications around the base, allowing for strategic deployment in the thick of battle from a fortified space. No word on putting rugs down to tie the base together, however; that might have to wait for the next patch.

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