H1Z1: Just Survive outlines upcoming experimental servers and improvements

Yes, this is harder than having a fortress.

Your goal in H1Z1: Just Survive is stated right there in the title, but survival is pretty easy when you have a well-fortified base that’s suited to fending off zombies without a struggle. So what if you had a server with no bases allowed and more zombies to contend with? Does that sound like more fun? The latest producer’s letter for the game promises a server with exactly that ruleset as part of the game’s new experimental servers, versions of the game that tweak the game’s rules to provide novel experiences.

The letter also addresses the matter of improved zombie AI, which is going slowly simply because the AI is the basis for zombies and wildlife alike and is being rebuilt from the ground up. Respawn locations and the upcoming Z2 map are also up for discussion. Take a look at the whole thing if you want more insight on the game’s experimental servers or just really want to read more about surviving in a world that’s a bit less friendly.

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