How Elder Scrolls Online converts veteran ranks to champion points

This really worked out all right for us.

ZeniMax has just posted a deep-dive into the veteran rank system obliteration coming with The Elder Scrolls Online’s Dark Brotherhood DLC. “The goal for transitioning away from Veteran Ranks was to streamline the leveling process, and make it easier to spread Champion Points to other characters on your account,” explains the studio. “With the initial release of the Champion System back in Update 6, tracking your power level included both your Veteran Rank and Champion number. Now, the removal of the Veteran Rank system means your character’s strength after level 50 is tracked exclusively via Champion Points.”

ZeniMax assures players that champion points will accrue more quickly than veteran ranks and that silver and gold zones have been rebalanced accordingly. Your VR-level gear will be converted by the game on patch day; there’s even a conversion system:

“Every Veteran Rank corresponds to 10 Champion Points. If you were previously wearing VR5 gear and fighting VR8 monsters, you will now be wearing Champion Point 50 gear and be fighting Champion Point 80 monsters. Gear will have the same stats, and monsters will be just as strong as they were before.”

Source: Dev blog
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