Vigor Roads takes the wheel of the apocalypse


When will the apocalypse get here already so that all of the really cool stuff can start happening? Mutants, rampant looting, cannibal games, and armored death cars all seem like a glorious dream that only New Jersey residents get to live. For those seeking Mad Max-style road rage in their MMOs, there might be a new game coming along to bring high-octane action to the wasteland: Vigor Roads.

Developer NeuronHaze, the makers of the upcoming Project Genom, have launched a small Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 to make the basic edition of Vigor Roads. This game has players driving “battle cars” around a broken-down world, competing and cooperating in several different modes. While this initial version is quite limited, stretch goals include an open world map and support for other platforms (including VR).

If the campaign picks up an incredible amount of steam, it could even trigger the Dog milestone at $1M (“We’ll add a dog called Chris Robinson in a spacesuit which will live in your garage.”) and the Real Car stretch goal at $1.5M (“We’ll make a real car in Vigor Roads style and you could ride it with a professional driver.”).

Hey, if you’re missing Auto Assault, this might be the next best thing. Check out the Vigor Roads trailer after the break!

Source: Vigor Roads, Kickstarter. Thanks Khalith for the tip!
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