Dark Age of Camelot opens up applications for new Knights

This is not the knighthood.

Do you feel like you could be a community leader in Dark Age of Camelot, the kind of person who would volunteer to serve as a liaison between the developers and the community? If so, perhaps you would be well-served by applying to be a Knight. Applications for the Knight program are now open, offering dedicated community members the chance to receive a comped account in exchange for serving the community and fostering positive communication between the developers and the players.

If the responsibilities of Knights are too great but you still want to have an influence on the game’s development, applications are also open for joining the game’s internal forums, allowing players to provide feedback on upcoming features behind the scenes. These are purely unpaid positions, but they’re a good way to interface with the development team and make sure that the community’s needs and wishes are being heard. No end date has been set for applications, so feel free to fill one out if it sounds like your kind of exercise; it’s not the sort of program many other games run.


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