The Daily Grind: Did you buy any MMOs during the Steam sale?


Steam’s big summer sale is over today — about five hours from the time this post goes live, smack in the middle of 4th-of-July BBQ time for a lot of the Americans in our audience. Valve didn’t get much of my wallet this round; I picked up Stardew Valley, The Long Dark, Crypt of the NecroDancer, and Dungelot. Piddly stuff, really. I was tempted to pick up some MMO goodies too; the LOTRO pack and the Trove class bundle almost got me. But I already have so many games I’d like to play that buying more seems silly unless they are dirt cheap. Somehow without the daily sales, the event has lost some of the hoopla and fear-of-missing-out that the old system had, but that’s surely for the best.

For me, not for Valve.

So let’s have it: What did you buy, gaming-wise, at the Steam sale or otherwise?

And happy Independence Day, US readers!

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