Black Desert wants to see your pretty faces in its Beauty Album


Why spend hours in an MMO character creator only to cover your face up in a helmet where no one, including you, ever gets to gaze upon your lovely visage? That’s one of the questions Black Desert means to address with today’s update and the implementation of the Beauty Album. Think of it like WoW’s selfies, only more glam.

“Starting today, players can save their character’s current appearance by taking a photo from the Beauty Album. Saved designs can then be uploaded to the Gallery, where they can be made visible to all Black Desert Online players. Anyone browsing the creations in the Gallery can choose to apply one to their own character, provided it matches their character’s class. Designs can be applied from the Character Creator or the Beauty Shop. The Beauty Album keeps track of the popular designs, allowing players to quickly find the most-applied creations. Players can also search by upload date and creator, making it even easier to try out new looks throughout your adventure!”

The update should be live later today; maintenance on the North American servers was extended by several hours this morning (11 hours, by our count). Patch notes will be live on the forums when they’re back up.


Update: The servers are up and the patch is in, but not before Kakao was once again stuck dealing with DDOS attacks.

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