SWTOR: Knights of the Eternal Throne confirmed for this fall

Move over Fallen Empire, Knights of the Eternal Throne is about to become the newest expansion on the Star Wars: The Old Republic block.

BioWare confirmed this weekend that the next digital expansion for SWTOR is, as many thought, Eternal Throne. “The all new expansion adds more of BioWare’s trademark cinematic storytelling, as well as exciting new game features in one of the largest updates the team has made since the game launched 5 years ago in 2011!” the studio crowed.

According to BioWare, SWTOR currently has accumulated 87 million charactersKnights of the Eternal Throne has its own website up, although there isn’t much there yet. The studio did unlock the first episode of Fallen Empire to anyone who wants to try it out.

To further pile on the hype and excitement, BioWare released a five-year celebration trailer and infographic, both of which you can check out below.

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