Pixel Wars: CubeMatrix puts a full-blown voxel MMO on your mobile device


Don’t be fooled by the voxels: This isn’t SkySaga, Trove, or CubeWorld, but a new title entirely called Pixel Wars: Cube Matrix.

According to the official description, Pixel Wars is “an adventure MMORPG for mobile devices that takes place in a fantasy cubical world. Using a vast system of portals, you can explore all the edges of the Sacred Cube, fight for your life against monsters and warriors of other nations, collect resources from dungeons, and protect the world against an evil race of World Eaters. After a hard day of fighting and action, return home in peace to develop your own estate.”

Pixel Wars touts features such as PvE, PvP, housing, crafting, world events, and a level-free advancement system. It is confirmed to be coming to Android devices this year, although no word has been given about an iOS edition. Check out the gameplay trailer below!