World of Warcraft walks you through two of its new Legion dungeons


Like a snake shedding its old skin in favor of the new, so too are World of Warcraft players wriggling with excitement over ditching the Warlords of Draenor dungeons that they’ve run a million times for Legion’s unexplored instances.

Two of these dungeons are the focus of a recent dungeon preview, offering a quick overview and some developer insights on both. The Vault of the Wardens is a level-110 secret facility that Demon Hunter players will see briefly during their introductory experience.

Then there’s the Violet Hold, a Dalaran prison that holds eight very angry bosses. The interesting twist is that each time you run it, you’ll be fighting only three bosses randomly picked from that pool of eight.

“In Legion, the dungeon serves as a throwback to Icecrown Citadel’s greatest hits,” Blizzard said, “with close relatives of some familiar foes like Blood Queen Lana’thel, Festergut and Rotface, and Sindragosa making an appearance as the Legion unleashes them upon adventuring parties. Oh, and a gnome.”