Albion Online displays PvP killboard for all to see


One should never forget that the struggle between players is at the core of Albion Online. To keep that foremost in thoughts, the studio has released its new website Killboard feature to publicly declare the best of the best in PvP.

The Killboard displays top kills ranging back two months, the results of the fiercest open world battles, guild vs. guild rankings, leaderboards showing off the elite combatants across the entire community, and a search function that allows you to seek out specific players and guilds.

Another function that Albion Online’s Killboard sports is the ability to compare between player groups: “Here you can compare up to five guilds with each other, comparing basic info, overall PvP stats and the top five players per guild based on their PvP Fame.”

So is anyone from the Massively OP community already on the Killboard? Screenshot or it didn’t happen!


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