Valiance Online preps new character creator while City of Titans spies on villains


Time to catch up on the sinister plans and inspirational acts of City of Heroes’ spiritual successors. Don’t worry: We won’t tell anyone your secret identity after you read this.

Valiance Online is currently preparing an Alpha 0.1.0 patch that will introduce its newest character creator as well as unifying the game and login to match the website design.¬†“The individual body region modification system which lets you customize arms and legs separate from the body (for example, evil scientists gave you one metal arm),” the team teased.

Over in City of Titans, the devs have introduced one of the dastardly bad guy¬†groups: Scorpion. “Scorpion is an international organization devoted to world conquest,” a lore post explained. “Scorpion is among the largest, most varied, and most feared of all organizations on the villain spectrum.”


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