Gamescom 2016: RuneScape sets sail for the Eastern Lands


The RuneScape playing board is about to be cleared and reset for a brand-new continent: The Eastern Lands.

At Gamescom this week, Jagex announced that it will be introducing a gigantic Polynesian-themed archipelago into the game. These isles were created as the result of a player poll for new content and each can be claimed by adventurers as they explore into the region. The first three islands are now available to discover, with more to come.

Jagex said that anyone looking to play in the Eastern Lands will have to effectively start a new character: “On these islands, the indigenous people have never heard of the players’ adventures, so gamers will have to start afresh, building back up their wealth and notoriety — even long-term players will be on a level playing field with newcomers! Additional islands along the Eastern Lands archipelago will be discovered as the continent continues to expand.”

We’ve got the Eastern Lands trailer for you below.

Source: Press release, YouTube

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