Star Trek Online promises some exclusives for console players

Red, white, and blue
Let’s assume, for a moment, that you earn current generation consoles but still haven’t jumped into Star Trek Online up until now. What’s going to draw you into the console edition of the game? Perhaps free stuff? Because that’s going to be offered to players who beam into the game when it launches on console.

Players who start in on the Xbox One console version will receive a free Steamrunner-class Blockade Runner Escort, while PlayStation 4 users will receive an Andorian Light Cruiser; both ships are Tier 1 starships. Players who link their accounts with Arc will also get Khan’s outfit from the eponymous film, while PS Plus subscribers get the Wrath of Khan Starfleet uniforms.

The developers are also planning to offer Federation, Klingon, and Romulan starter packs filled with useful ships for new players, so keep your eyes peeled for details about those. Regardless, you’ll be getting some free stuff for jumping into the game on console, providing just a bit more incentive to sit down on the couch and trek through some stars.

Source: Official Site; thanks to ThatLanteshGuy for the tip!
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