Divergence Online introduces Operator profession, land and air vehicles


Divergence Online posted a big update yesterday bringing land and air vehicles to testers along with a brand-new biome called Anduine, an area ripe for big game hunting.

“Anduine: a land of brightly-colored flora, low and rolling hills, calm rivers and plenty of room to expand. Accessible via ATCs newly-constructed ‘Anduine Station’, transporting to this new region is as easy as vising your favorite shuttleport and paying the super-low fee of just 1000 credits.”

The new playable Operator profession will allow players to pilot the new vehicles and freighters. The majority of vehicles – which include freighters, haulers, fighter jets, racers, rovers, and hoverbikes – are flight-capable, says Stained Glass Llama’s ¬†Ethan Casner, and craftable vehicles should roll out this week.

Source: Steam
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