Chronicles of Elyria team uses tabletop game theory to design its MMO


How does one create a brand-new MMORPG from scratch? One method is apparently using “paper prototypes,” or using the format of a tabletop RPG to test out various systems in a much more controlled environment.

Lead Designer Jeromy Walsh wrote a new post in which he explains how the team is using such a technique in building Chronicles of Elyria: “In case it isn’t clear thus far, paper prototypes are a way of describing complex designs with the simplicity of a table-top game. The algorithms have to be easier to describe and understand, and RNGs become a function of dice rolls. Please note, that doesn’t mean we’re actually creating a full pen and paper role-playing game of CoE, nor a table-top board/card game. Paper prototypes are simply a way to test and experiment with mechanics as early as possible in a game-like fashion.”

To help keep fans up at night, wetting their beds in terror, he also released concept art for one of the unholy creations that the team has dreamed up in its labs: the Pteroguin. Yes, it’s half-penguin, half-pterodactyl, and all out to eat your juicy eyeballs (or so we assume).

Source: Kickstarter

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