Skyforge’s Ascension expansion promotes casual-friendly changes, new map, Outlaw class


Allods Team and have announced a “massive” new expansion for Skyforge due out this fall. Called Ascension, the update includes a badass new class for players called the Outlaw (he’s the dude dual-wielding pistols above) and a new “extended game campaign” called the Regions map.

“Each mark on the map is an entry point to an adventure or mission that will improve character stats. Temples and Strongholds will replace atlases. All the familiar interface screens, such as Equipment, Symbols, and Orders will also be located here. The amount of resources required for development will also be significantly reduced and now your actions are the main currency! Do you want to obtain a new symbol? Select the relevant mission on the Regions Map. Do you thirst for a new class? There will be a mission just for you!”

Invasions, meanwhile, will stretch from two to eight weeks in duration with a new invasion boss on the warm-up deck; expect also an “improved battle system” with dodging — sorry, dashes — tweaks to currencies, and a new political system called the council of gods.

“In its Ascension, Skyforge will take a huge step towards becoming the ideal game that everyone wants to see,” says Allods Team. “It will be clearer and friendlier for those who are not keen on spending hours and hours online, for those who want to get stuck into an active game and not the management of items and stats. It will give players a wide range of opportunities for fun, and the content that was previously aimed at a small circle of people will now become available to all.”

Ascension comes hot on the heels of the Relentless Onslaught update, which only just released on August 18th. Check out the Ascension announcement trailer below!

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