World of Warcraft lets players experiment with classes before boosting


Players paralyzed with indecision over which class to boost to level 100 in World of Warcraft now have a way to sort out their choice before committing to a decision.

Blizzard announced today that it is allowing players to try out a level 100 character, whether boosted from the expansion or a store purchase, for a little while in Legion’s content. Class trials permit a boosted character to be played through the tutorial and artifact quests to help players feel out how the high-level class operates. Players can try out as many classes as they like, although each will be held to a time limit.

“If you’re undecided, you can also keep the character around and apply a boost later, or delete it if you want to make room to try another class,” the studio noted. “Please note that if a character completes the class trial experience but is not boosted, it will be locked and unavailable for play until a boost is applied.”