Guild Wars 2: Eternal Coliseum PvP and the original Ring of Fire

Who’s ready for Guild Wars 2 to open up a whole new landmass for us tomorrow? Yep, the Ring of Fire maps — well, Ember Bay, at least — release with the Rising Flames episode launching tomorrow.

What if you’re not really into the storyline? What if you just want to crush faces and break skulls? That’s where the Eternal Coliseum, the new PvP map, comes in. Dulfy reports that it’s a basic three-point capture map with two artifacts per side. The best part is the piped in laugh reel, or the dark equivalent, in the form of crowds that roar whenever good (and bad!) things happen in the zone. Even the NPCs hope you lose!

Meanwhile, if you missed out on classic Guild Wars or just want a retour, WoodenPotatoes has a long video out running through the entirety of the questlines and maps there. We’ve come a long way, and you’ll note a decided lack of skulls. Well, maybe a couple of skulls. Also, spoilers. Check it out below!

Source: Dulfy, YouTube

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