Darkfall: New Dawn is halfway through its InDev period, mothballs old characters


Darkfall: New Dawn is making good time as it barrels through its “InDev” testing period. The team recently posted an update in which it said that the game is halfway through its nine-month, five-patch cycle test. The great news is that New Dawn should emerge from this period with even more features than originally anticipated.

“In general we are happy with our velocity,” the devs posted. “We did a lot more than we expected to have done by now.┬áThere are more gameplay issues than we remembered, so we’ve had to change our priorities based on player feedback and fix more issues than planned, however we have had some very positive surprises on the engine side which balances out.”

The team also gave a public service announcement concerning inactive accounts. Any character or clan that hasn’t logged into the game in over a month will be mothballed. While these clans and characters can be reactivated, contents of inactive clan vaults will be lost for good.

Source: New Dawn
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