Here are the basics of Elder Scrolls Online’s race-based housing system, coming ‘early 2017’


With the gold edition out and One Tamriel live, Elder Scrolls Online players have just one word on their lips: housing. And ZeniMax means to deliver! The studio has promised new housing details on the YouTubeGaming stream tonight at 8 p.m. EDT. Watch along below; we’ll be updating this post as we watch with you. [Updated at the bottom now!]

8:14 – Matt Firor is explaining what One Tamriel is. One Tamriel for dummies. He says it’s been going well with only a few problems.

8:15 – Now he’s trying to sell dueling. :D Stop trying to make dueling happen. It’s not going to happen!

8:16 – Housing! Here we go. Firor says housing, like One Tamriel, is all about being social. Deets:

  • There will be a small, medium, and large house for each race.
  • You’ll go on a quest for an apartment that you get for free, then buy better houses with gold.
  • They’re adding a furniture crafting skill. You’ll be able to trade away the furniture you build.
  • You can own multiple homes, and houses are account based. Yes, peeps can come into your house. The host implied that players can go into your house when you’re not there, but Firor didn’t confirm it.
  • Guilds will be able to use houses, but guild halls weren’t specifically mentioned.
  • It was implied housing is coming next year. The ESO twitter account says “early 2017.”

And here’s the video clip all by itself — it’s worth a flip through because the different racial houses are shown one at a time:

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