Elite’s test server adds in super-charged jump plumes by mistake

Going for the one.

To quote Douglas Adams, space is big. Really big. How in the world are you going to explore all of it, even in a game like Elite: Dangerous? It turns out that a math error helps in that particular goal, as the game’s next update contains a number of plumes rising from white dwarf stars and neutron stars which boost player jump distance. The intent was a 25% increase in jump distance, but a slight error in math has resulted in… more. Closer to a 300% increase in jump distance.

The result has been players hitting the “ceiling” of the game world and enjoying the ability to travel far beyond the boundaries intended to be in place, resulting in some astonishing journeys to points more than a thousand light years removed from the Milky Way. While players are aware it’s an error, there have been many calls to keep the error in place for its sheer fun value, and it has remained unchanged on the test server for the time being. So… who wants to go for a trip?

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