Final Fantasy XIV announces its second expansion, Stormblood

Yes, it’s the announcement all fans of Final Fantasy XIV were waiting for and expecting from this weekend’s fan festival, the game’s second expansion. The expansion was announced during the opening ceremonies as Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood for early summer 2017. That was a big surprise, wasn’t it?

We’re on the ground at Final Fantasy XIV’s Fan Festival in Las Vegas! Square-Enix paid for travel and lodging for this event, which is why I got to watch it in person instead of from my computer. It also meant that I got all of the contents of the swag bag, which included an Allagan Tomestone of Poetics as a USB drive. In keeping with the theme, I think I’m going to write some poetry, store it on the thumb drive, and then strap it to a bear. Get the tomestone and you can use it to buy a shirt.
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