Turbine previews LOTRO update 19, says Mordor will come in a 2017 expansion

Next week in Lord of the Rings Online, the banners will fly, the forces of the Enemy will quake, and the king will march. Update 19: March of the King is scheduled to be released on Monday, October 17th, bringing with it a new book in the epic story that will take players up to the doorstep of Mordor itself, not to mention the option to move into a new premium housing neighborhood.

Speaking of Mordor, on a lengthy developer livestream the team indicated that the region would be released next year in an expansion pack some time after the game’s 10th anniversary in April.

But that is then, and Update 19 is now. LOTRO players can read up on the patch notes to get an overview of the content update and then drink in a full hour of developer Q&A after the break.

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