Star Citizen makes progress on Patch 2.6 and Star Marine

Not feature-complete, of course, but you knew that from the name.

Star Citizen’s Patch 2.6 is heading to the test server soon, according to this week’sĀ episode of Around the Verse. The team has also made significant progress with Star Marine (which will benefit from Patch 2.6’s improvements) and is adding more nuanced animations into the game to make for a more believable universe.

Justin Binford explains what’s on tap with the new build: “[Patch] 2.6 will bring about a lot of changes and new content, some of which include a refactor to our lobby system, some new missions, an addition to GrimHex, and also the new ships: the Hoplite and the Herald.”

Settle in with the latest episode after the break or read the full transcript of the show!

Source: Star Citizen
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