Skyforge AMA discusses pay-to-win and future content updates

Now you try.
Skyforge just released a major update, but it’s also making an effort to reach out to its community more enthusiastically. Western producer Volker Boenigk hosted an AMA on Reddit¬†yesterday, inviting players and onlookers to ask any and all possible question about the game, its localization process, and future updates. That included a big question front and center about accusations of pay-to-win gameplay.

Boenigk explained that past a certain point, the game really cannot financially support itself solely on costumes and cosmetics, but the goal is always to ensure that players have a positive experience whether or not money is spent. He stressed that it’s something the game’s team takes very seriously and is always happy to discuss constructively with players.

Questions also covered improved rewards for directives (which are coming) and the localization process of the game (which suffers slightly for speed, as the team wants to get updates from the Russian version into the Western version as quickly as possible). If you want a peek behind the scenes of the game or just want to learn more about adapting a foreign game for Western localization, it’s a worthwhile read.

Source: Reddit
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