Cloud Pirates unveils next closed beta test with a new trailer

0 has announced this morning that it’s plotting course for another round of closed beta for aerial MOBA¬†Cloud Pirates, this one due to begin on November 23rd. “This second closed beta test will expand in new directions, starting with the deployment of twelve completely new ships to experience and use all available combat styles and tactics,” says the studio. “In addition, a brand-new system will allow players to further their ‘Captain Progress’ with every game played, regardless of the ship (new or old) they choose to sail. By reaching captain level 10 via this new system, more special captain abilities will be unlocked, ensuring even further opportunities for ship and playstyle experimentation.”

Of note, the MOBA devs say that they’ve made some big changes to the game based on player feedback, including tweaks to weapon accuracy, firing range, and rate of fire.

Participants in the first round of closed beta will be invited back for part two. Signups are open on the official site; in the meantime, here’s the brand-new trailer:

Source: Official site, press release
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